My Story


My name is Sarah. I’m a southern girl from the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Before we get down to the nitty gritty, let’s get over the basics really quick. Numero uno, I love my pups. Simple as that. I also love anything ‘old-fashioned.’ This is to include junk-tique stores, old family recipes and traditions, clothing styles from different eras, southern mannerisms and of course the occasional beverage with that same lovely name that me and my husband so effortlessly fell in love with while watching Mad Men. Throw in a little dirty humor, some ‘cool guy’ nuances, a smidge of weird and ‘sarah jokes’ and you get me. While I was taught to not ever say you hate anything. …I hate ants. While they amaze me, I still hate them. Done and done.

Ever since I was little, my brother and I were always told, ‘Go play outside.’ While I have always had a love for the outdoors, it never occurred to me to ‘grow up’ and get a master’s of science degree with a concentration in horticulture, but I did. And I am so glad.

I hope with ‘Head in the Garden’ that I can provide a fun and upbeat look into gardening. I want this to be helpful to all ages but especially encourage people who have not gardened before. Gardening is not a past time! It is so much fun to watch a plant go from a small seedling to something you can eat or admire for its beauty. It’s not hard! I want to provide a place that people can go to get great gardening ideas and information that they may otherwise not have known. While I may be currently based in Mississippi and a different zone than others, I hope to provide information that everyone can use!

I hope to make people just as excited about gardening as I am! Good luck and I hope to see your head in the garden!



5 Responses to My Story

  1. Hi Sarah, thanks for following naturalbeautycabinet. Speaking as someone who just found a ton of potatoes they didn’t know about in their new garden, I’m starting to get excited about gardening too! Really like the blog, Fx

  2. SO, you are from the Delta? I lived in Leland from December 2007-February 2013. I started my other blog, The Mystical Mansion and Garden, while I was there.

    • I am! While I haven’t lived there is a couple of years, I still consider it home. We recently moved to the coast, and I started this blog as we moved. I read where you mentioned Leland and the gardens, but I couldn’t find that blog. I am still learning to navigate WordPress…

  3. Congradulations! I have just nominated you for the Best Moment Award! I nominated your blog because of your AWESOME photos and writing. You have shared so many BEST MOMENTS with your blog readers and you really deserve this nomination. This link will take you to my award post and give you an idea of what to do next. Good luck and best wishes!

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