My Garden Update: 7-7-15

I thought the summer months were supposed to be easy, breezy and relaxing?? So far it has been busy, busy, hot and muggy. How about yours?

On a sad note, my squash and eggplants died. The base of the plant slowly shriveled, cutting off the water supply to the rest of the plant. It happened quite suddenly too, which leads me to believe it was Phytophthora crown and root rot. After a little research, I discovered that this is a fungus that is spread through the air. It likes high temperatures (we sure have that) and water saturated soil (we sometimes have that…). While I am not certain this is what it was, I am making an educated guess that it was. I did manage to get some squash and zucchini off so it wasn’t a complete loss. It was also a learning experience.

Squash plants. :(

Squash plants. 😦

Zucchini plant. :(

Zucchini plant. 😦

For a higher note, my cherry and grape tomatoes have been producing like crazy! This picture is from the first harvest and they just get bigger.

Just the first harvest. There has been a lot more since then!

Just the first harvest. There has been a lot more since then!

Does anyone have any ideas on preserving/freezing/drying/saving cherry tomatoes?? I’d love to know.

Get your Head in the Garden,


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2 Responses to My Garden Update: 7-7-15

  1. I don’t know if it’s the right way, but I just wash mine, pat dry, throw them in the freezer on a cookie sheet to flash freeze. Once frozen, put the ones I will use first in a freezer bag, I use the foodsaver for ones I will use later.

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