A Step Closer to Achieving a New Years Resolution

This year, my husband and I made a list of New Year’s resolutions together. It had both individual goals and things to accomplish as a couple. We put items that not only we wanted to work on, but also things that we wanted the other to work towards. This is the first year we have really done this, but I like it. It holds both of us accountable and we both have common goals.

One of my goals for this year is to do more in my garden; meaning expand, grow more produce so to supplement buying food and try more year-round instead of just the main spring and summer crops. I have to admit, until this past weekend, I hadn’t done a lot towards achieving this goal but I’m really excited to say we have built raised beds!

They look so good and I am so proud of them! My parents came in to town this past weekend and helped us build them since they had already built some a couple of years ago for themselves.

Here is one of the raised beds we built. This one is 4 x 8 ft, 10 inches high.

Here is one of the raised beds we built. This one is 4 x 8 ft, 10 inches high.

We built three different beds. Two are inside my garden area and one is by the patio. The two inside the old garden area are 3 x 4 ft and 7 x 4 ft and the one by the patio is 8 x 4 ft. All are 10 inches in height.

I am really excited about them!! Although they are a simple design, I am going to share how we made them in a future post, so stay tuned!



Get your Head in the Garden,


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