This past weekend I picked out first orange and tasted it. I was so excited! I was really surprised at the sweetness of it – it was sweeter than in the grocery store! They are so good that I have been packing them in my lunch for work. I have to make myself only eat one at a time so they will last longer.

I brought our orange tree in the house the other day because of some freezing weather we had. It’s new home for the winter is my dining room next to the largest window in the house so that it still gets sunlight. I also brought in my pineapple plant. It is sitting in the middle of the floor at moment… I doubt the husband will let me keep it there so it will eventually have to find a new home. Not sure where though. :/

We have had a cold few days, but I know a lot of other people are having much colder ones! Stay warm!!

Get your Head in the Garden,



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