My Garden Update: 8/20/14

Hi everyone! I hope you are staying cool in the dog days of summer!

Is this what the 'dog days of summer' means?

Is this what the ‘dog days of summer’ means?

It’s hot, hot, hot. The only thing doing well in the garden is okra. My marigolds are hanging on, but even they look a little pitiful. My pots of herbs and such on the back patio are doing well but require lots of watering, which is to be expected.

I am thinking of putting in raised beds in the garden area. The soil I have seems to be pitiful and it could really help with weeding issues. Plus it might look a little nicer. What do you think?

Get your Head in the Garden,


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7 Responses to My Garden Update: 8/20/14

  1. jayhawks2014 says:

    headinthegarden I think raised beds will do wonders for your growing season. I have a traditional garden but added a double-raised bed and single raised bed this year and put a super soil of Sphagnum peat moss, vermiculite, perlite, topsoil, 100% manure, organice soil and earthworm castings all mixed together by hand and i’ve had bountiful production of 25 lbs potatoes in my double-raised bed and green bell and Anaheim peppers and tomatoes in my single raised bed.
    When you do incorporate raised beds in your garden do companion planting (plant vegetables that are compatible with one another), like I did with my peppers and tomatoes.
    Good Luck and Happy Gardening!

  2. We have had great success with our raised beds! We can control soil quality, and they retain heat better. For crops that need good drainage like carrots and garlic, they are very beneficial!
    Best wishes with your gardening decisions. I’ve loved keeping up with your gardening posts lately, especially since we haven’t been able to have much of a garden this year 🙂

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