Growth Types of Tomatoes

When picking out a tomato plant or seeds to start, it is good to know which type of growth the tomato will have. For example, knowing which growth type will help in determining if the tomato will do well in a container or not.



  • Can reach heights up to 10 feet.
  • Will continue growing and producing fruit until frost.
  • The plants can bloom, set fruit and ripen fruit all at once.
  • Will need substantial support by caging or staking.
  • Pruning, a.k.a. suckering, is often done, but not a requirement.
  • Does not work well in containers.
  • Also called ‘vining’ tomatoes.


  • Produces a main crop that ripens all at once (like determinate growth), but will continue to grow, set and produce fruit until it is killed by frost (like indeterminate growth).


  • Bred to grow at a compact height.
  • It will stop growing when fruit sets on the top bud.
  • The entire crop will ripen at relatively the same time.
  • They should not be pruned, a.k.a. suckered.
  • May need minimal caging or staking.
  • Works well in containers.
  • Also called ‘bush’ tomatoes.


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2 Responses to Growth Types of Tomatoes

  1. Jose Sola says:

    Good and concise. Great info. Thanks

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