Potato Project Update: 6/27/14

Here are some of the potatoes from the last box my mom had growing. Great size!

The last bit of my mom's potatoes.

The last bit of my mom’s potatoes.

My potatoes are not far from being harvested. I have not added soil for a while now, but I did notice the other day that there were lots of ants crawling on one of the plants and around the stem. With a little research, I found out that this could potentially be very bad for my potatoes. In a small ‘freak out’ moment I had, I decided to use my old standby – dish-washing fluid. I put a squirt or two of dish-washing soap with a gallon or so of water and watered the potatoes. The ants are gone now! – But I am not sure how much damage, if any at all, that they have done. The plants are turning more yellow now, so I know I will be harvesting them soon. It is all an experiment, but I really hope I have potatoes in there!!

Get your Head in the Garden,


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One Response to Potato Project Update: 6/27/14

  1. Jose Sola says:

    We are not much of potato fans around here, in fact I think we buy and use about 3-5lbs a year. However, this year I decided to experiment growing them in home made grow bags. Out of three bags, one did not make it, the second looks so so and the third has very tall shoots…still can’t figure out what is going on in there as I went into this head in first (not much brain, though) without much research.
    Please keep us informed of your results, good luck.

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