Potato Project Update: 6/10/14

This is an update on the potato experiment my mom and I are doing. You can see what it is all about and what we have done so far by taking a look here. If you haven’t read about it yet, I wouldn’t read any more past this – spoiler alert!


My mom has harvested potatoes!! Just over a week ago, we had some serious rain – for days! One of her boxes broke. She just thought it was a lost cause so she decided to put the soil in one of her raised beds. As she was scooping it up, she found little fingerling potatoes. She was so excited and I was just as excited to hear about it! Here is her first harvest:

First potato harvest 6-1-14

Mom’s first potato harvest on 6-1-14.

She mentioned later that the tops of this particular box had dwindled down and looked dead; that was why she was so surprised to have potatoes. While they weren’t huge or in large amounts, they were fingerlings and it was enough for a meal. Her second box looked the same as the first one (before it busted), in which there was no green of the tops left, so she decided to harvest it as well a couple of days later.

Mom's second harvest on 6-3-14.

Mom’s second harvest on 6-3-14.

They were larger than the first! We were surprised to see the tops dwindle so fast like they did, but with a little research we discovered that potatoes are not fond of soil over 80°F. Since it has been rather warm here lately, it was not surprising.

My mom has since harvested her other box of potatoes. She said it was a good harvest of red potatoes ranging from golf ball to tennis ball sizes. (Pictures coming soon!) As for my potatoes, I have noticed the tops are beginning to yellow near the soil. I will possibly see potatoes in the near future and I can’t wait! I will let you know as soon as I do!

Get your Head in the Garden,


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