My Garden Update: 5-29-14

I have harvested onions! I was so excited to visit the garden the other day and find some of the tops had fallen over. I harvested just over half the other day before the rain came. Some of them are small, but I think it had to do with the amount of sun light they received when they were first planted because they were smaller as I got closer to the fence… I am still satisfied though! It is more than enough onions for us to eat on for a while.

The first onion tops have fell!

The first onion tops have fallen!

I was also able to harvest some more lettuce before the rain came. We will be eating salads for the next few days!

Lettuce harvest for the day.

Lettuce harvest for the day… That’s a big bowl!

When it came to store the harvest, I cut the tops off of the onions and set them on a wire rack in the garage to cure. Once the outer layer of skin has dried some, I will bring them in and store them in the kitchen. I need to get a pair of panty-hose and hang them. I wonder what my husband will say to that?! As for the lettuce, I put it directly into the fridge after I harvested it in a covered bowl without washing the leaves. This will help it keep longer and stay fresher.

As for the rest of the garden, I will soon have some squash. My tomatoes and peppers are growing SO SLOW that I swear they haven’t gotten any bigger. We will see. Hopefully the rain we’ve had will jump-start them or something. I’ve never had a problem with them growing before… My flower seeds I started in the two new beds by the fences have not done well. I think I am going to put okra in the long skinny bed to save space in the large garden and my husband wants to try out growing our own pumpkins for Halloween, which I’ll put in the corner bed. Everything else is coming along great! …As long as I can keep the dogs out. I think Wiley Bug ate my ripe blueberries!!


Get your Head in the Garden,


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