Scientific Name: Family: Dioscoreaceae

Eatable portion: Tuber

Preferred Temperatures (°F): 86°F Intolerant to frost.

Plant spacing: Small intact tubers, bulbils or tuber portions can be used. Plant between 4 – 6 inches deep and about 1 x m spacing.

Most are grown in tropical and subtropical regions with defined wet and dry season. For a high yield, loose, deep, and well-drained fertile soil is needed. Harvest normally occurs when foliage shows senescence. They can be harvested as early as 7 – 9 months, but up to 11 months can be common. Store yams for 2 – 3 months. The simplest way to store is to leave the dormant tubers in the ground. They can also be stored by layering them without touching in piles. If room allows, you can suspend the yams between poles. This allows for ventilation and rodent protection. This form of storage is commonly found in structures called yam barns. The best storage temperature is between 59 – 61°F.

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