Potato Project 4-4-14

I mentioned an experiment my mom and I are trying with potatoes in a previous post. We both read about taking potatoes that set buds and turning them into pounds and pounds of home-grown potatoes, so we decided to try it.

The steps we have taken so far include cutting the potato buds in 1″ cubes and allowing them to cure. We then planted them in our containers of choice. I chose to use a tall laundry basket with drainage holes drilled in the bottom while my mom is using cardboard boxes. We layered soil in the bottom of both, set in the potato pieces with buds facing up, covered with more soil and watered in. This is what we have so far:

Mom's box 2

Mom’s box 1.

Mom's box 1.

Mom’s box 2.

We have breakthrough!

We have breakthrough!

I am happy so far that we both have plants! It is working so far! Two things to remember: 1 – mine were planted about a week after my mom’s, 2 – my mom and I live in two different areas, north and south Mississippi respectively. It will be interesting to see if this becomes a factor in the potatoes growth.

As the plants get taller we will add more soil, eventually filling the containers. When it comes time to harvest we should be able to dump the containers over and harvest all the potatoes intact! I can’t wait!


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5 Responses to Potato Project 4-4-14

  1. I’ll be interested to see if the boxes remain intact. Has your mum used them to grow in before?

    • She hasn’t used them before. We are wondering the same thing. If it does break, she plans to mound more soil so to make sure the potatoes remain covered since they will spoil if not.

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