Pepper Anatomy

It’s a good idea to know the parts of the vegetables you plan to grow. Here is a pepper. While this might be a drawing of a jalapeno, this simple anatomy drawing applies to others as well.


Here are some definitions to explain the parts of a pepper:

Apex – The tip of the pepper. It has the least amount of capsaicin so if trying a pepper, take this bite first!

Calyx – The calyx or crown is a part of the flower or sprout from which the pepper pod began its growth. The structure is usually dry and “leafy” and is the transition from the pepper pod to the woody stem.

Endocarp – This is the inside layer which surrounds the seeds and is usually membranous (not very thick).

Exocarp – outermost layer of the pepper.

Mesocarp – The mesocarp is the fleshy middle part that typically contains most of the water content and provides structural support for the pod.

Placenta – where the seeds attach and is mostly formed at the top of the pepper pod.

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