Oh how I love thee!

Oh how I love thee!

Scientific Name:

Lycopersicon lycopersicum

Eatable portion: Fruit

Preferred Temperatures (°F): Average temperatures above 61°F, minimum of 3 – 4 months of frost-free weather.

Preferred pH: 5.5 – 7.0

Plant spacing: Seeds can be direct sown or transplants used with bed widths between 5 – 6 ft. and 1 – 2 ft. in-row spacing.

Tomatoes are grown in many different soil types, including sandy and fine textured clays to soils high organic matter. A uniform water supply of around 25 – 30 mm per week and a well-drained soil works best since tomatoes are intolerant to water-logging. Stakes or trellis-work can be used to support plants. This helps to avoid fruit contact with the soil, makes harvesting easier, and can improve airflow. Lycopene provides the red color of tomatoes and develops during favorable light and temperatures. Planting to first harvest can range from 70 – 125 days depending on the cultivar and growing conditions. Store green fruit between 55 – 65°F. If you want to ripen the green fruit, store them between 65 – 70°F. Red tomatoes can be stored at 45 – 50°F but should be used quickly after removing from that temperature. Keep for 7 – 14 days if ripe and 3 – 4 weeks if green.

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