Just a Thought

My husband found this on reddit and shared it with me. It seems at the bottom to say storiesformydaughterstumbler.com



My husband shared this with me when he saw it on reddit. As I first began to read, I thought it was going to be some witty joke (since most things he shows me from reddit are and since it starts off with, ‘Women belong in the kitchen’). As you see though, it’s a quaint little sentence that I believe to be true. Food is one of the steadfast things that bring us together in life and life should be that way… together and shared.

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One Response to Just a Thought

  1. Laura A. Lee says:

    Reblogged this on Hope Nurtured and commented:
    This is great! I love food! And I so belong in the kitchen…but then again, so do you! 🙂

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