My Garden Update: 2/10/14

Earlier last week, I received the onions I ordered in the mail. When ordering live plants most companies will and should send the plants when it is time for you to transplant them. You simply put in your area code and they suggest when they need to send them to you for optimal success. The onions were right on time. They also came with instructions for transplanting and care.

Newly transplanted onions.

Newly transplanted onions.

We had a chance of rain by the end of the week, so I spent the beginning weeding my garden, raking it and getting it ready to till. We did have some rain late in the week, but it wasn’t enough to hinder me transplanting my onions. I tilled where my onions were going and started planting. These will be large onions so I planted them roughly 4″ apart with 12″ between rows as the instructions suggested. The onions were transplanted at a 1″ depth and watered in thoroughly. I had a few left over, but not enough for a full row so I squeezed them between rows. If and when they become crowded, I will harvest them early. Watering thoroughly helps the onions, which have small root systems, become established in their new home. Now I wait, weed around them, wait and weed some more. Onions need to be weed free to ensure good growth and less competition. Weeding will also help to keep pests away.

Besides transplanting onions, I harvested the last of my parisian carrots. They were so good! I am still starting more seed and trying to keep the seedlings in the best condition. While our weather has not been near as cold as some places, I wish it would make up its’ mind!

Get your Head in the Garden!


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