A Garden Update, 01-28-14

In a previous post I showed how I started seeding some items for this coming spring. Some items germinate quicker than others, so I transferred the faster growing ones into their own tray once of size. If you start your seeds in an open tray with no divisions, it is best to transfer the seedlings before they get too large because you don’t want the roots of the seedlings to wrap around each other and cause damage when trying to separate them.

I transferred the seedlings to there own tray.

I transferred the seedlings to their own tray.

Once I transplanted them, I placed them in our guest bathroom. Why? I was able to leave the lights off. Since I had just disrupted the seedlings ‘living space’, placing the seedlings in a dark area allows the seedlings to be under less stress while they acclimate to their new space. Today, I moved them out of the bathroom, back into the laundry room (where I can leave the light on).

This is the seed tray after I removed some of the larger, previously germinated seedlings.

This is the seed tray after I removed some of the larger, previously germinated seedlings.

As the seeds germinate and grow more, I will continue to transfer them to the individual tray.


Don’t forget to write all of your garden activities on your gardening calendar! Get your Head in the Garden!


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4 Responses to A Garden Update, 01-28-14

  1. Christina says:

    I didn’t know that it was good to leave transplanted seedlings in the dark. How long for?

  2. MonniArt says:

    What a beautiful blog Sarah! Thank you so much for sharing. I so love your blog logo! Could you tell how you organized that? I am hoping to have my children blogging about their garden within the next couple of weeks so watch this space and connect with us. They would so love to hear more from you. Regards Simone (Miss Crous)

    • Thank you so much! A really good friend of mine actually gave the logo to me as a gift. She had someone draw it up and we went back and forth a few times deciding on the vegetable and color, then finalized it. It was a lot of fun! She was a graphic artist but if you know about computers any and what you want, you might be able to do it yourself. I will definitely keep an eye out on the blog. New gardeners are exciting! Good luck!

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