A Garden Calendar

With spring approaching quickly here, I knew it was time to sit down and plan out my garden. It is a good idea to look at any seed packets ahead of time to plan out when you need to start them, especially if you plan to start them inside or in a greenhouse. This year I decided to print a calendar from online so I could keep up with my gardening schedule easier. There are free downloads available and in many different formats. Since I will be using this calendar for only gardening, I chose the 2014 calendar format from here.

A printed calendar for keeping up with the vegetable garden.

A printed calendar for keeping up with the vegetable garden.

Once I printed my calendar, I needed to figure out my ‘last frost date’. The last frost date is the average date at which there will be no more frost or freezing temperatures to contend with. Since I haven’t lived on the coast for even a year, I went to the internet to research when that would be. While every website I looked at seemed to have different dates, I took an average of them and chose that as my starting date. With that decided, I checked my seed packets and wrote on my calendar when each variety needed to be started or when they needed to be directly sown.

One round of seed started.

One round of seed started.

Lucky me, I was just in time to start a few seeds. I put a damp paper towel over top and set them beside a sunny window. Once a few pop up, I will remove the paper towel. As they become of size, I will transfer the seedling into their own individual trays. While the calendar helps me to remember when to plant seeds, I will also use it to write down daily duties and notes. It will become a reference for later years and is a good idea for anyone who gardens.

More parisian carrots harvested for dinner tonight.

More Parisian carrots harvested.

As for these carrots, I harvested them for dinner. They will be a special treat for dinner tonight! I don’t have many left, so I hope to start some more soon. Hopefully they will do as well in the spring as they did this fall/winter.

Get your Head in the Garden!


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