I just couldn’t resist!

My first homegrown carrot to harvest.

My first homegrown carrot to harvest.

Carrots take FOREVER it seems to grow and reach maturity. I just couldn’t wait any longer to see how mine were doing, so I pulled one up! While it may be small, I was super happy to see a carrot. I couldn’t see below the soil surface, so I was like a little kid opening up a present!

Mother Earth News magazine

Mother Earth News magazine

I also want to share this magazine that was shared with me by my mom. Most might have heard about it or already read it, but for those that haven’t, it’s a must. It’s fantastic and very informative. There is a lot of great information about everything from gardening, canning, and preserving to making dairy products and having chickens. This was the late fall issue and I believe it says it was to be taken off shelves by the beginning of December, but there might still be copies out there! If not, look it up or keep an eye out for the next issue. You can visit their website as well.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!



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3 Responses to I just couldn’t resist!

  1. I did that this year, too…and they were good!

  2. Oh, I know–carrots seem to take FOREVER. Maybe it’s because you can’t see what is happening down there, so the impatience just builds and builds. Looks good, though 🙂

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