A Recipe for Success

I am in the process of reading a new book about local, sustainable and secure food systems. It is very interesting so far. It made me start thinking about my own food consumption and that of others around me.

I really try to not waste any food and only buy what will be eaten before it spoils. Any leftovers get eaten for lunch and any kitchen scraps I dutifully put into my compost pile. Unfortunately, some things do get past me. Items get forgotten about after being shoved to the back of the fridge, but only after it has the smell test by my husband does it succumb to the trash…

With all of this and the holidays in full swing, I really appreciate a little reminder my mom made for my fridge.



They are fantastic rules to live by.

This just happens to be the exact look of the one on my fridge that my mom found on Pinterest. In looking for the picture I found other versions that not only looked different, but also had different rules. They were all relatively the same though.

I hope that I and everyone around me can remember these guidelines throughout this holiday season and into the new year!



As for the book I mentioned earlier, I am currently reading Rebuilding the Foodshed by Philip Ackerman-Leist. If anyone is interested in it, I recommend getting it. I would love to have someone to discuss it with when I am done.


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4 Responses to A Recipe for Success

  1. I REALLY like these, but I would like to add another principle at number 1, and bump the rest down; Grow what you can.

  2. I like that saying as a reminder. My family could definitely be better about our food waste. Moving into the new year, I’m going to make a big push to plan our meals and shopping better so that we waste less. Thanks for the book recommendation, it’s peaked my interest and I will definitely check it out. In return, I recommend Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal, Mineral, Vegetable”- it’s a non-fiction book about her quest to spend a year eating locally. Great book!

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