Scientific Name: Genus: Tagetes, 50+ species


Eatable portion: Most notably used as ornamentals, but some species’ petals can be eaten.

Preferred Temperatures (°F): 60 – 75, try covering if temperatures fall below 50

Preferred pH: 6.1 – 7.8

Plant spacing: 8 – 18 inches apart for low growing and taller varieties respectfully. Seeds can be sown indoors before the last frost or direct sown after the first frost.

From seed to harvest: Blooms can appear within 45 – 50 days of some varieties. Old blooms can be cut and new blooms will continue to appear.

Sun exposure: Full sun

Marigolds are hardy plants that can withstand a lot of undesirable situations. This makes marigolds desirable for landscaping, new gardeners and children’s gardens. The petals of signet marigolds (Tagetes tenuifolia) are eatable, adding color to salads and dishes, as well as other species used for food coloring, dyes and perfumes. Farmers and gardeners have used marigolds as companion plants. The scent of the marigold is not liked by some pests, animals and even nematodes.

Marigolds can range from yellow to dark orange in color.

Marigolds can range from yellow to dark orange in color.

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