Pumpkins come in many sizes and colors!

Scientific Name: Cucurbita pepo subsp. pepo

Eatable portion: Most parts of the pumpkin are eatable, but most notably the flesh and seeds.

Preferred Temperatures (°F): 65 – 85; are damaged or killed by frost.

Plant spacing: 1.5 – 5’ in rows, with 6 – 10’ between rows depending on variety, yield and size.

‘Pumpkin’ is usually used to refer to some varieties of winter squash. It most often describes a round, smooth, slightly ribbed fruit, and orange in color. Pumpkins are allowed to fully mature before harvest.

Pumpkins are commonly used in the fall for decoration or carved into Jack-o-lanterns in celebration of Halloween. While the origin of jack-o-lanterns is uncertain, the carving of vegetables has been a common practice in many parts of the world.

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