Fall Flower and Garden Festival – 2013


Fall Flower and Garden Fest

This past weekend was the Fall Flower and Garden Festival at the Truck Crops Branch Experiment Station in Crystal Springs, MS. The Truck Crops Branch is a research extension station of Mississippi State University.

The festival is hosted every year in October. It includes a vegetable garden with numerous varieties of almost every vegetable imaginable, flower gardens, seminars, garden and plant vendors and food vendors. The seminars cover subjects like beekeeping, organics, ornamentals, high tunnels and canning; just to name a few! (And the seminars change each year, so there is always something new to learn!)

The best part?? It’s free entry!!

Here are a few pictures from this years festival. Enjoy! And I hope you can make it next year!!

A festive display.

A festive display.

Part of the flower gardens.

Part of the flower gardens.


Flower gardens continued.

Types of gardening containers on display:

Raised bed planter

Raised bed planter


Wheelchair planter.


Stepladder planter.

Gutter gardens

Gutter gardens.

A hay bale garden.

A hay bale garden.


Wall bed planter.

Crates used for gardening.

Crates used for gardening.

Vendors and more gardens:

Sit, eat and enjoy!

Sit, eat and enjoy!

One portion of the garden.

One portion of the garden.


For more information, visit MSUcares – Fall Fest.

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5 Responses to Fall Flower and Garden Festival – 2013

  1. krock13 says:

    Love all the different garden beds they used!

  2. Leigh says:

    I went and really had a great time. Got me some freshly ground corn, boiled peanuts and went to a wonderful seminar on herbs. I also enjoyed seeing the different varieties of vegetables. Gives me new ideas of things to try for next year.

  3. I always wanted to go there!

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