Weather Wishing!

I might call the garden I have my ‘fall’ garden, but the weather is not cooperating with what normally coincides with the word ‘fall’. It is still hot and muggy here. With the threat of a hurricane/tropical storm this past weekend, I was expecting massive rains, winds, etc. Nope! At least not for us… It has been hot and sunny with a few scattered showers. We even considered going to the beach on Saturday! The garden is happy to get rain though, which makes me happy as well. Now to just cool off a bit… just a little!

The garden! a constant state of needing to be weeded...

The garden! …in a constant state of needing to be weeded…

The merigolds are coming along!

The marigolds are coming along!

Squash flowers.

Squash flowers.

The roselle is about to have blooms!

The roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is about to have blooms!

We finally have blooms!

I don’t know much about citrus trees yet, but we have blooms on the lime tree!

The first tiny cherry tomatoes!

The first tiny cherry tomatoes!

Since I last did a garden update, I have planted more radishes, some beets, basil, bunching onion and carrots.

Carrot seedlings

Carrot seedlings

Bunching onion

Bunching onion

Exploring around the garden today, I was super excited to see I had a few radishes ready for harvest. This excitement was soon down-played upon realizing that my container I had seeded with basil was upset by rain…

Woo hoo! Radishes!

Woo hoo! Radishes!



Note to self: Don’t put containers under the roof line.


How’s your fall garden??


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2 Responses to Weather Wishing!

  1. Our garden just got zapped by a freeze. Basil, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant all gone. I did my best to bring in the tomatoes that would still ripen and make as many batches of pesto that I could.

    Now, we’re preparing for the deeper freeze that’s soon to come. Most of our perennials survived this first blast, but it won’t belong before they’re all gone 😦

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