Scientific Name: Brassica oleracea cv. Italica

Eatable portion: Floret heads, branches and stalk.

Preferred Temperatures (°F): Between 65 – 75 °F; prefers cooler temperatures; can survive around 40°F, but can be stunted if temperatures remain that low.

Preferred pH: Between 6 – 7.

Plant spacing: 18” apart

Broccoli prefers full sun and rich moist, sandy soil. Broccoli roots are shallow, so if cultivating, be very careful! When watering, try to keep water off of the broccoli head so to decrease the chance of disease. While only the main head is harvested for most commercial production, home gardeners can harvest the side shoots as well to prolong and increase the broccoli harvest.

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3 Responses to Broccoli

  1. Caran says:

    We are still harvesting our side shoots, with not too many cabbage worms.
    Are you planting fall broccoli?

  2. Caran says:

    Hi from Grow. Cook. Eat. Share.! I’ve enjoyed checking out your garden adventures lately! So much so, that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check it out:

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