The Beginning of a Fall Garden, Sunflowers and Reusing the Used.

Time is flying by and we must keep up!

I have started some seed for my fall garden, partly as an experiment. While I had some seed trays from other things I’ve kept, I have also been stock-piling toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls that would have ended in the garbage in order to save money over buying more seed trays. With cutting them in half they can be used to start seed!

Seedlings for the fall garden!

Seedlings for the fall garden!

While some of the seeds did better than others, it has gone fairly well so far. In the beginning, I had them in my greenhouse; which is currently in my dining room window for sunlight! (This will probably not be its permanent resting place, but since it is SO hot outside, it’s where it sits now.) By doing this though, they have been stretched from the lack of adequate light. I have slowly weened them off of the air conditioning and into the heat of the outdoors by moving them outside and back inside over the past few days. I started in the mornings and evenings for only an hour or so and increased the time outside each time. They now are staying outside all day! I plan to start another round so that I can have an ongoing supply of items for as long as possible. Gardening is all an experiment!

A few of my fall seedlings include spaghetti squash, cayenne peppers, cherry tomatoes, canning tomatoes, marigolds, eggplant and broccoli.

Marigold seedlings.

Marigold seedlings.

While some of these items might seem odd for a fall garden, it does not get as cool on the coast as in other places. This allows me to have a longer growing season for some crops than other places.

In other areas of the garden, my sunflowers have gone crazy over the last couple of weeks!



And slowly but surely, we are getting the grass up for the fall garden! Just wait and see!


Good luck in your gardening adventures!


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