My Garden 5-21-13

I am super excited about my garden. Since the last time I mentioned it, tomatoes, radishes, cilantro, bunching onions, two types of rosemary and orange mint (the lady at the store was quite persuasive when she said, “Every southern girl has orange mint for her ice cream”) have been added.

Tomatoes in bags.

My tomatoes in bags.

Radishes and bunching onions.

Radishes and bunching onions.

Orange mint - "What every southern girl needs for her ice cream"

Orange mint – “What every southern girl needs for her ice cream”

While I think the tomatoes are looking wonderful, as well as the radishes, my napa cabbage and pak choi were invaded with a few worms. While only a few seems like not many, if not caught early enough, they can do major damage; in which is what happened with mine. I did wipe them down with diluted dish detergent a couple of weeks ago and that helped. Unfortunately, while out of town for the weekend, they have returned… I will probably replace them with some more lettuce or another herb. Fortunately, they have not moved to any other items in the garden.

Pest Damage!

Pest Damage!

The lettuce I already have looks wonderful and will be eaten very soon! Then replaced with younger lettuce for a new crop.

Yummy leaf lettuce!

Yummy leaf lettuce!

Are you harvesting anything yet?

Get your head in the garden!


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2 Responses to My Garden 5-21-13

  1. Leigh says:

    My lettuce has taken off but I am sure as the weather begins to get warmer it will slow down. Any suggestions to extend the growing season?

    • Great question! If it is in a portable container, try moving it to a shadier spot with morning sun, but not so much in the afternoon heat. If its not, you can try putting a shade cloth over it. Shade cloth can be bought at most garden or home centers. I hope this helps!

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