Red Leaf Lettuce

Red Leaf Lettuce

Scientific Name: Lactuca sativa

Eatable portion: Leaves

Preferred Temperatures (°F): Day – 65-75; Night – Around 50; Higher than 85 can stunt growth or possibly cause bolting.

Preferred pH: 6 -8

Plant spacing: 4-8” for leaf and 8-15” for head lettuce

There are many different types of lettuce. The leaves are spirally arranged and can be many different shapes, colors and textures. Seeds should be sown very shallow. Depending on the variety, leaf lettuce can mature around 60 days, and head lettuce can mature around 120 days. Lettuce is susceptible to moisture stress, so uniform water supply is suggested.

Sow at regular intervals to have lettuce regularly throughout the spring and summer.For best results, cool quickly after harvest.

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2 Responses to Lettuce

  1. Yesterday I planted my lettuce. Four different varieties. I am anxious for them to start peeking out of the ground.

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